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Save Operational Costs With AI.

Supercharge your existing business applications with real-time AI predictions from your operational data, powered by Elevo Integra, the first Real-Time Predictions Server™ software.


Easy Deployment and Management

  • Deploy Elevo Integra on your IT infrastructure in minutes.

  • Manage using your existing Kubernetes workflows .

  • Get full operational visibility using your existing dashboards and alert systems.



  • Elevo Integra enables small data teams to deliver operational savings quickly.

  • Fully-integrated ML-stack with auto-generated pipelines.

  • Easily bolts on to your existing real-time business data sources.


AI-Powered without Rip-and-Replace Costs

  • Stream real-time AI predictions into your existing business applications.

  • Avoid the costs and risks of altering production workflows.

  • Get the latest AI benefits without custom ML development.

Go beyond traditional BI. Hello AI.

Traditional BI helped you analyze and report data. But with AI, you can make predictions and recommendations in real-time. You can even automate decision-making when you use AI-powered predictions.

Elevo Integra enables you to realize the benefits of enterprise-grade AI even if you have a small data engineering team, or no data engineering team at all.

AI-powered real-time predictions for real-time decisions.

AI-powered real-time predictions help you make better-informed decisions quickly by automatically analyzing real-time contextual data.

Unlike first generation AI-based prediction platforms that are limited to batch processing, Elevo Integra delivers real-time predictions by analyzing your real-time business data streams.

What is Elevo Integra™

Elevo Integra is the first Real-Time Predictions Server™ software that makes it easy for you to deploy, manage and operate a fully integrated and modern ML stack using your existing Kubernetes infrastructure and simple declarative scripts. 


With Elevo Integra, there is no need to create bespoke ML projects that require large data science teams, large budgets, long lead times with uncertain outcomes.

How Elevo Integra™ Works

Elevo Integra transforms real-time business data streams into real-time prediction streams through real-time data management and auto-generated ML pipelines.

With Elevo Integra, data engineers manage data sources and create contextual data views while data scientists supervise ML performance metrics.

Effortless data collection.

  • Bolts on to your real-time business data streams.

  • Integrates with your data warehouse for historical data and saving ML artifacts.

High-performance continuous aggregations.

  • Declarative configuration scripts that integrate with your CI/CD.

  • Extensive library of built-in aggregations to get started quickly.

Powerful real-time contextual data views, without coding.

  • Enables rapid experimentation to discover the perfect ML model for your application.

  • Low-latency distributed query engine for millisecond prediction response times.


AI-powered real-time predictions inside applications that you already use.

  • Auto-ML optimized for heterogenous compute infrastructure.

  • Simple REST API to integrate real-time predictions into existing business applications.

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