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We're delivering operational savings with AI, through applications that you already use.

Elevo is empowering enterprises with a new category of software tools that deliver the power of AI to existing line-of-business applications. We are making the process of transforming real-time business data into real-time predictions easier by auto-generating machine learning pipelines, unlocking the value of AI-powered business predictions for enterprises of any size. 

Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem.


Ours was simple: Setting up a machine learning workload to test the performance of a flash storage array took several days. There were so many frameworks and libraries to install, configure and patch up to get a basic ML pipeline working.


From our experience across starting and growing three companies in the data center infrastructure hardware and orchestration software space, we wondered why there were no tools to create, manage and monitor ML pipelines easily.


And, we set out to create one.

Our Team

We've built and scaled three companies, with more than three decades of experience in enterprise infrastructure hardware and software.


We created several industry firsts including chipsets for multi-processor high performance fault-tolerant computers, 10-100Gbps protocol offload engines, virtual infrastructure management software, mission critical BI and transaction processing software, and massively parallel database systems for big data workloads.


Now we are taking a fresh approach to ML pipeline automation and ML infrastructure management.

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